How we worship

At All Saints our primary service is Holy Eucharist. We worship each Sunday at 10 am. We come in casual attire and sit in a circle in comfortable chairs. The first half of the service includes readings from the Bible, our shared reflections on those readings, followed by a general statement of faith and the prayers of the people. The second half is Holy Communion, including the breaking and sharing of the bread and wine. All are welcome to receive Communion at All Saints. (For a visitor's guide to our worship experience, view these captioned photos on Facebook by tapping here).

We welcome children in our midst and we believe that children learn to worship by being present in the service and participating in the activities. Each October we welcome "all ages and species" for the Blessing of the Animals held in one of our local parks (see our 2018 photos here and 2017 photos here).

Worship in the Episcopal Church is based in The Book of Common Prayer and is liturgical, meaning it is the work of the people that are gathered. While the Bible readings and music change each week, the general structure of the service remains the same, with some subtle variation depending on the season of the church year. This sameness gives our worship a rhythm that becomes more and more familiar and comforting as we participate. 

Since worship can be a little confusing for those not yet accustomed to the Book of Common Prayer or the liturgy, we print everything we need to participate in our service leaflet, which along with our hymnbook is handed out before each service. We want you to feel comfortable worshipping with us, and hope you can detect in our midst the warmth of God's great love for you.

Click here for more Facebook photos with captions of our worship service!